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Image by Pablo Merchán Montes
Prioritizing People and the Planet Over Profit

Specialty Colombian Coffee

Best Agricultural Practices

Our goal is to improve lives and create a healthy environment, not just to sustain it! We are in the business of producing award-winning coffee while prioritizing people and the planet over profit. 


As the largest coffee growing and exporting operation in our community of Paicol, Huila, we take great pride in employing many members of our coffee-growing community and have the huge responsibility of protecting our natural surroundings.

“Coffee farming will always have its challenges be it unpredictable weather, intense market competition, price fluctuations, pests and diseases etc. The important thing is supporting small, independent coffee farmers. This helps them exist, innovate, improve and make an impact to their community!” – Chalo


We operate using agricultural and agroforestry best practices and innovation that allows us to put by-products of the coffee cherries and beans back into the plantation as natural fertilizers.


We honour the experience, labour and dedication of our team and our coffee-producing neighbours by paying higher than average wages and stable high prices that far exceed those of the commodity (“C”) market. Paying farmers the “C” price does not always cover the cost of production, let alone reward the hard work it takes to produce specialty coffee.

  • Reducing the amount of water used to wash coffee from 5 liters to 500 mg per pound.

  • Ensuring zero contamination in our water system.

  • Drying cascara and milling by-products to create organic fertilizer that goes back into the plantation.

  • Planting shade trees and cultivating and planting our own seedlings.

  • Using mechanical conveyors to protect the physical health of our team.

  • Offer regular workshops and learning sessions – promoting education helps our entire region thrive. We host training sessions where members of our community as well as groups from across Colombia come to our plantation to learn how to improve crop management, fertilization and harvesting methods.

  • Funding projects that better our coffee-growing community; e.g. improving the roads of our region.

  • Inviting English-speaking guests to experience life on a coffee plantation and donate their time to volunteer as English teachers at our community school.

  • Distributing fertilizers and pre-paying neighbor farmers for their coffee ahead of harvest season.

Our Innovation

Here are some of our innovation efforts:

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