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Quite Simply, our goal as a coffee producing family is to bring you joy.

The coffee we produce is a fusion of our heritage and this very moment in time. We are dedicated to replicability, exceptional processing and specialized fermentation techniques. As a direct trade partner we work with you to develop the cup profiles that you have been looking for.

Our family plantations grow coffee between 1,450 - 2,000 metres above sea level.

Castillo makes up the majority of our lots.  We also grow the Pink Bourbon,  Pacamara, Geisha, Variedad Colombia, Caturra and SL-28 varietals.

Our wet mill processes cherries picked throughout our plantations (La Palma, El Encanto, Las Mercedes, El Mirador and Finca Villa Del Carmen), as well as cherries from neighboring farms belonging to friends and extended family.

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We are blessed with 2 harvests per year - the main harvest (April - June) and the smaller Mitaca fly crop (September - November).  In between we can be found experimenting with fermentation and drying and processing coffee to bring out the best, most delicious profiles.

Traditional washed

Cherries are pulped,. Beans are fermented for 14 hours and the mucilage is washed off. 


Cherries are pulped. beans are fermented for over 14 hours and the mucilage is partially removed. 

Natural process

Coffee is fermented for various periods of time and dried inside the cherry.

Honey process

Cherries are pulped. Beans are dried with the mucilage on.

Sugarcane EA decaf 

Our best washed Excelso beans are decaffeinated through a naturally occurring ethyl acetate (EA) process.

Typical Notes: 
Caramel, molasses, sugar cane, tropical fruits, citrus fruits, stone fruits, chocolate, marzipan, hazelnut, nougat, cream and cognac.

Typical Characteristics:
Smooth, velvety, juicy, creamy, 
Balanced, medium and full body.



Become a Direct Trade Partner

We are happy to work with roasters big and small and invite you to join us at origin so that you may see our beautiful project with your own eyes.

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