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​When you believe in something, you put your whole heart into it!

Our mission is to create a better, more equitable and healthy future for our coffee-growing. Direct Trade has made this a reality. Truly “ethical” coffee means integrating sustainability and transparency into every level of the supply chain. In our case it is the shortest one possible - producer to roaster.


We prioritize sustainability, biodiversity and conservation by following strict agricultural best practices, developing our own natural fertilizers from coffee by-products, planting thousands of shade trees and forbidding hunting on our property. Over the years these practices have improved our soils, the quality of our coffee beans and seen the return of many birds and animals to the region. 

We live and work with passion and purpose. My family and I have participated in some of the largest protests in Colombian history - ones that have brought food shortages, gas supply disruptions, road blockages and violence. We will always stand up for the rights of Colombian coffee growers!


Increasing production costs, living costs and limited profits make life difficult for coffee farmers. Lack of access to credit and a struggle to save money is a grim reality. A poor harvest or unexpected natural phenomenon can be devastating. Our project focuses on creating jobs, paying living wages, advancing funds so our neighbours can buy fertilizer for their own plantations, offering relief in emergency situations and lending support for home repairs. Our direct trade partners have also supported our work to improve infrastructure, roadways and education.

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