Hola!  I'm Chalo.

I'm a 5th generation coffee farmer and this is my plantation in the lush mountains of Huila, Colombia.  I operate my business by a direct trade model because relationship coffee is the only true win-win farm-to-cup scenario. 

My family and I plant, fertilize, prune, pick, process, mill, sort, pack and export our specialty coffee ourselves.  Owning and overseeing every step of the process allows me to guarantee the highest quality of coffee to my partners and is something that really sets us apart. 


Another unique and valuable aspect of a direct trade partnership with Chalo’s Coffee is your impact on the end result.  Our partner’s feedback continuously shapes the way we work.  You tell us what you desire in the cup and we alter the processing (e.g., fermentation, drying, picking etc) to make it happen. This is something that brokers and middle organizations can never offer a roaster.


It makes me incredibly proud that my partners know exactly where their coffee is coming from, how the end results are achieved and how we worked together to create the perfect cup with each harvest.  This is the Chalo’s difference!


See you at Origin! 

Since 2014 we have been inviting our roaster partners to our farm to see, first-hand, our operation, meet our team and their families and witness how much hard work, dedication, passion and sacrifice it takes to grow specialty coffee.

We've been told that the experience is life-changing, fascinating, gratifying and humbling.


Interested in joining us this year?  Find out more, check out our gallery & connect with us!