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Producing Specialty Coffee for Over a Century.

Taste the story of our lives and the generations of farmers who came before us. 

Hola! My name is Chalo Fernandez. I am a 5th generation quality-focused specialty coffee farmer. My family has been producing coffee in the lush mountains of Southwest Huila for over 150 years. Chalo’s Coffee is a 100% family owned and operated business dedicated to producing delicious, specialty coffee. We oversee every step of the process from seed to cup. No Intermediaries.

We are the

As a roaster you can have peace of mind knowing that you will receive exceptional quality and year over year consistency when you buy your specialty coffee beans from Chalo's Coffee.

My family operates the plantation, wet mill, dry mill and all the logistics functions to bring you the quality coffee you expect. It is a relationship and a commitment that can not be compared.

Work with us to develop profiles that delight your customers, educate your staff through origin visits, contribute to positive change, build consumer loyalty and enjoy terms not possible through third parties.


We are

My family is a team of master cuppers, food engineers, agronomists and visionaries who are passionate about the future of the specialty coffee industry. We focus on sustainability, invest in infrastructure and have conducted thousands of hours in experimentation and innovation research into factors and processes that enhance cup quality.

We help our
Community Thrive.

When we started our project our goal was to not just to  provide amazing coffee to the world, but also to improve lives and protect our natural surroundings.  

 Such a goal is a necessity, not an idealistic vision. Ensuring that our land and the hard-working people that live on it are able to flourish is made possible by selling our green beans directly to passionate roasters around the world. 

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