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Welcome to La Palma

5th Generation Coffee Farmers Producing Specialty Colombian Coffee for over 110 years

Speciality Coffee from Colombia

Producing Coffee for Over 110 Years

Our family farm of La Palma is located in the village of Caloto, in the state of Huila within the mountainous region of South-Western Colombia. Our plantation is situation on 135 hectares of land that has been in our family for over 5 generations. Chalo was born and raised on a coffee plantation. His siblings and family were taught how to plant, pick, wash and pack coffee. Coffee truly runs through his veins!


In the mid-2000s when the cost of producing coffee outweighed any financial return, our family replaced the coffee trees with sugarcane instead. Chalo and his siblings left Colombia in search of work opportunities abroad. While traveling overseas, they realized that people around the world wanted great coffee and were willing to pay a premium for quality. In 2010, Chalo and his siblings purchased the family farm from his grandfather, Pedro, and started to plant coffee trees again, seed by tiny seed, each one planted by hand. We combined the knowledge from past generations and began interweaving it with cutting edge technology and innovation.


Working as a family team and being able to prosper as a coffee-growing community is extremely rewarding. Each one of Chalo’s siblings, their spouses and children play an important role in our extraordinary company. Today, we exclusively plant, fertilize, prune, pick, process, dry, mill, sort, pack, export and import our specialty coffee. Owning and overseeing every step of the process, from seed to cup, guarantees the highest quality speciality coffee to our partners, which sets us apart in the industry.


We are grateful to our roaster partners for their trust, loyalty and friendship. They are part of our extended family who share our beautiful story and delicious specialty coffee with their customers, visit us at origin and inspire us to constantly improve.

Colombian Coffee

Partner with Chalo!

Are you a specialty coffee roaster looking to partner with a sustainable coffee farm that supports our local communities?


Contact us for more information. Let’s grow together!

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