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We are a 5th-generation, quality-focused coffee-growing family from Paicol, Huila, Colombia. 

We produce 100% specialty grade Arabica Castillo coffee of through fully sustainable and progressively organic farming practices. 


As the largest producer of coffee in our region and the only farm certified to export coffee we pride ourselves on being able to provide jobs and educate the people of our region to grow and harvest fully ripe, defect-free and delicious coffee cherries.  

Our geographic and climatic conditions allow us to grow coffee with distinctive sweetness, brightness and flavour.  As a customer you can buy this coffee directly from our farm and as a result, help us to continue developing and educating our community to help our region and it's people thrive. 


We are in the business of growing award-winning coffee, building relationships with new and existing direct trade partners and dedicating ourselves to developing our community.  Through the sale of our coffee we hope to fund our current and future projects. 

Education and Skills Training

We do all we can to sharpen our skills and improve our operation on a daily basis.  Not everyone in our region is lucky enough to be able to read blogs or attend courses to learn more about coffee cultivation.  As a result, we host regular learning sessions where our team members and neighbouring farmers can learn more about improving their crop management, fertilization and harvesting methods.  Promoting education helps our entire region thrive.

Home for the Elderly

Sadly, our region does not have a home for the aged.  It is our goal to build a modest facility that the older members of our community can call home and one in which they can recieve regular meals, medical attention, kindness and helping hands.  We are already in talks with young doctors and chefs who would be willing to volunteer their services once the facility is constructed. 

We respect, value and recognize our team members for their good work.  We pay above-average wages and operate on a rotating 5-day work schedule so our team has time to cultivate their own micro-lots.  We also allow them to take home tools and equipment to use on their own farms.  We have found that this results in strong work ethic, positive attitudes and a drive to succeed. 

Stray Dog Sanctuary

Animal overpopulation is a problem in our area. We love animals and over the years have rescued a number of dogs and cats by bringing them to live on the farm.  We have a lot of land on our farm and we'd like to convert a part of it into a sanctuary where they can receive food and good care.

Our region lacks areas where children can spend meaningful spare time.  Our goal is to create playgrounds where they can safely play and build confidence and self-esteem.  These tools create better life conditions which create ripple effects on the whole community.  Stage 1:  Playground equipment / infrastructure.  Stage 2: Activity coordinators to run fun and educational programming.

Micro-Lot Development
Futbol Field

Futbol (soccer) is a huge part of Colombia's culture.  In our region children are content with playing the game even though they only have a ball to play with.  Most children play atop of concrete or dirt.  Our dream is to create a proper field with grass and seating where the youth of our rural area will be delighted to play while friends and family cheer them on.

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