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110 years of family tradition with modern innovation.

Roasted Coffee Beans

Innovating Tradition

Like roasters and baristas, coffee producers’ work is a combination of art and science. We invest all of our time, energy, passion and love into our washed and natural process coffee! Our focus on quality and innovation has improved our coffees every year, while also increasing demand.


We’ve made major financial investments in infrastructure, technology and tools. We’ve also conducted thousands of hours in experimentation and innovation research into the factors and processes in our continuous search to produce the perfect cup of coffee. We still have a donkey, but he just helps with quality control!

Best Colombian Coffee


Coffee Farmers

Our Coffee Process

  • Washing: since inheriting a traditional system for washing coffee and an old-school pulping machine, in 2010 we’ve invested in float tanks.

  • Drying: raised beds for washed and naturals, mechanical dryer.

  • Naturals: fermentation tanks.

  • Laboratory: sample roaster, grinder.

  • Tools: to understand temperature, pH, Brix levels, moisture meter, water activity meter.

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